The Willamette Coin Club supports collectors young and old. For the Young Numismatist (YN), the club encourages these young and often new collectors to participate in the club in a number of ways.


Young numismatists are 20 years old and younger. Their dues are $5 per year.

Monthly Meetings

YN members are welcome at all club meetings. We encourage them to bring coins, questions and stories;  we include them in all of our discussions. There are always knowledgeable collectors to identify or answer questions about coins.

Free Coins Every Month

At our monthly meetings, we bring a variety of coins to give to YNs who attend.

YN Educational Night

Each year we have a special Young Numismatist night, usually in the Summer. During this youth-oriented event, we have fun activities, educational presentations, quizzes, and free coin drawings.

YN Collector Box

YNs can pick a free collector-quality coin from a box of coins, tokens and medals from all over the world.  In exchange for the free coin, we ask the YN to prepare a brief presentation or handout on what they discovered about the item. They can present the information at a later meeting. The YN gets to keep the coin.

Club Members and coin dealers from around the area have donated a wide variety of US coins, foreign coins, error coins, ancient coins, tokens and  medals. These include some really neat and valuable coins that have been donated for YNs to discover and take home.