2020 Board Members

The Willamette Coin Club is a nonprofit corporation and governed by a volunteer board of directors.

President: Jimmy Krozel

Jimmy joined the club in 2014, became vice-president in 2016, and then became president in 2018. He works hard introducing the hobby to youth and encourages all in their numismatic pursuits.

Jimmy collects US coinage especially errors. He is a member of the ANA, CONECA (error collecting club) and is the current CONECA representative for Oregon.

Vice-President: Daniel Wells

Daniel was WCC president from 2016-2018. He become vice president in 2018. Daniel is an active member of the ANA and has collected coins for 30 years.

Treasurer: Jason Breedlove

Jason became the club’s treasurer in 2018. He collects Oregon Trade Tokens, Hard Times Tokens, and Presidential Campaign Medals. He is a member of the ANA, PNNA, NTCA, Webmaster Caveman Coin Club, and editor of WCC web site.

Secretary: Andrew and Stephen Fritz

Stephen is trying to collect each type of US coin ever produced. Andrew and Stephen are members of the Northwest Mineral Prospectors Club.

Board Member: David Petree

David is a member of the club’s board member at large. He is an avid collector of US silver dollars and a member of the Salem Numismatic Society.

Board Member: Ed Fisher

Ed is a club board member at large and general chairman of the WCC/PNNA coin show. He is also a member of the ANA and Salem Numismatic Society. Ed has many numismatic interests including collecting dog licenses, tokens, and US and world coinage.

Board Member: Tim Bishopric

Tim served as WCC Board Secretary from 2018-2019 and treasurer from 2016-2017. He is also an editor of WCC website and a member of the ANA and PNNA.

Tim collects world coins, primarily from Europe and the Middle East, and some tokens.