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2019 Exhibit Seminar

On Sunday, January 27, 2019 members of the Willamette Coin Club (WCC) gathered at the club’s home base at the Portland Chess Club for a how to do workshop; Building a Successful Numismatic Exhibit. 
From 1:00 – 4:00 pm James Reinders, national and regional award-winning exhibitor hosted the gathering, and shared his extensive knowledge, techniques and enthusiasm with the attendees.

Topics Discussed:

The purpose of an exhibit is to educate other numismatists. Often the biggest winner is the exhibitor him or herself. The insight gained gathering info not only opens opportunity to learn more, but also to share knowledge with other collectors and the non-collecting public.

What makes a good exhibit ?

Exhibit Rules: what you need to know about exhibiting; WCC,ANA, PNNA, and local club rules.

If you choose to compete – how to win!

Exhibit classes, and exhibit cases. Very often the host club will provide them and you need to let them know in advance.

How collector exhibits are judged; know the rules.

At the conclusion a Q and A session ensued to address any unanswered questions as well as feedback.

So, jump in, enjoy your own creativity, plus count on a little help from your friends.

Cheers to all.

How to do a Numismatic Exhibit

Hang on to your hats. At the Portland Chess Club on Sunday, January 27, 2019 from 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm, the Willamette Coin Club will hold a workshop for WCC members on how to plan and create a numismatic exhibit.

Veteran exhibitors will help all with the nuts and bolts of exhibiting.  If you have ever thought about exhibiting your coin but “were afraid to ask,” then this is the class for you. Whether you are a new exhibitor or a veteran you will benefit from this gathering.

Think about your favorite coin or collection that you would like to exhibit in order to start gathering ideas.  We will help you flesh out your ideas with exhibit examples.  If you need photos, we can help you with that.  The WCC has members available to volunteer to photo your coins for your exhibit.  

Speaking from first hand experience, I guarantee that by doing an exhibit to introduce the hobby to others that you will learn the most by creating an exhibit of your favorite area of numismatics. 

See you there.

Highlights of 2018 WCC/PNNA Show

The 2018 WCC/PNNA show is now in the books.  From all the feedback we received from dealers and attendees it was a complete success. The festivities were kicked off by a two day ANA Grading and Conservation workshop prior to the show with all seats sold.

Over 785 people visited the show plus scouts, who enjoyed the Merit Badge session, and joined us on the floor of the convention to put their listening skills to work. All dealer tables were occupied and very active including the Young Numismatist table staffed by the one and only Walter Ostromecki, former ANA Board member and President. Walter always donates his time and supplies to kids and coin clubs around the US.

Walt  explains coinage and paper money in use around the world today,  as well as coinage and currency of the past. On top of that he gives free coins to all young numismatists. Free coins to the YNs (Young Numismatist) is a “very good thing.”

At all shows we host, kids can go on a free “treasure hunt” whereby dealers are given coins to pass to the kids along with questions that accompany them. They learn about the coins, their history and get free stuff to encourage their interest.

All day Saturday the buzz on he floor was loud, which equals happy numismatists and happy dealers. This year’s exhibits were extraordinary. They ran the gamut from World War II US ration tokens and books to Oregon Trade tokens. Feedback was really incredible.  Dealers went home happy and so did their customers.

I’ll finish with my musings and hand it over to an attendee who posted a veritable numismatic travel log which I saw posted on another site Coin Talk, totally unsolicited. The attendee posted this on the Coin Talk blog. I did of course ask his permission.

Read as much or as little as you like though I dare you to stop. The  enthusiasm is infectious:

Images for exhibit’s Link to WCC/PNNA:

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