This is the picture gallery for the Willamette Coin Club. All photos and text are contributed by club members. Many obverse images will flip to a reverse image if you drag your mouse over them. All pictures and titles may be clicked to take you to a page of descriptive text and larger photos.

Shield Nickel FS-001Shield Nickel FS-008.3Shield Nickels: A Series with Wondrous Die Varieties

Large Cent CapSilver Dollar ErrorStriking Errors!

AeFollis_PhocasGallery PlaceholderAe Follis of the Byzantine Emperor Phocas

One Year Interest BearingTen Dollar Compound InterestInterest Bearing Treasury Notes of the Civil War Era

So-Called DollarsGallery PlaceholderSo-Called Dollars: H&K-895 WWI Good Luck Medal

Spanish Colonial Columbian CoinsSpanish Colonial Columbian CoinsSpanish Colonial Colombian Coins

Spanish Colonial Columbian Coins Part 2Spanish Colonial Columbian Coins Part 2Spanish Colonial Colombian Coins Part 2

1733 Cob1770 Piece of EightMore Spanish Colonial Coins

PanPac Half Dollardummy1915 Panama Pacific Exposition Half Dollar

Saloon Tokens Saloon Tokens

Canadian Large CentsdummyCanadian Large Cents and the Norm Pullen Collection

Monitor Token 1Monitor Token 2Civil War Tokens: Our Little Monitor

HosackPisanelloTwo Interesting Medals

1916 SLQBlank1916 Standing Liberty Quarter

1847 Large Cent1923 Peace DollarCherrypickin' and Grinnin'

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