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1768 Lima (Peru) mint, Pillar design, 8 Reales, Assayer "JM", 40 mm diameter. On the obverse at the top "VTRA QUE VNUM" is Latin for "both are one", meaning that both worlds, the Americas and Asia/Europe shown on the two crowned globes, are in reality one world. The reverse legend "CAROLUS III D. G. HISPAN ET IND REX" is Latin for "Charles III (the Spanish King) By the Grace of God King of Spain and the Indies" (Indies being the original name of the American discovery by Columbus). The reverse design is completed by the Bourbon shield upon the crowned coat arms of Castile and Leon. It is considered one of the most beautiful coins in the world, befitting a true international trade coin.


1768 Obverse


1768 Reverse



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