Book Marks of Interest


American Antiquarian Society:

Anatolian Coins-Coins of Asia Minor:

Ancient coins of the Balkan Peninsula:

Ancients Info: Great resource for all ancient coins including dealers, clubs etc.

Wildwinds: Online reference for attribution and valuation of ancient Greek, Roman and

Byzantine Coins.

Chinese Web Site:

Asian Coins: Great site for all Asian coinage with images and translations, also has moderns and ancient western coinage.A really great source with many links.

Barrage Islamic Collection: loaded with coins and descriptions of Islamic coinage.A great site for research and helping to identify the coinage of Islam.

Barrage Medieval Site:

.From Crusaders to Medieval Europe and a work of love my Fawzan Barrage.

Ben Weiss Collection of Medals:

Great site for wonderful world medals.

Historical Directories:A digital library covering the British Isles by county.Invaluable

For historical information, maps and other information.

Philippine Chopmarked Coinage: fun with this site if

You are lucky enough to have these interesting coins.

Cob Coinage: background and great


Coin The site for attribution and pricing of ancient coinage that has sold, who sold them, prices realized and dates of sale.A real treasure.

Coins of Central Asia:

Depression Script: A state by state data base with images.Click on the State and off you


Historia Numorum: Don't let the title scare you off, this is truly a manual of Greek


Dirty old Coins: An excellent site primarily for Roman

And Byzantine Coinage; also a great help in coin cleaning info.

English Hammered: Not exhaustive but a great primmer.

16th Century France: An amazing collection and data base; in French but excellent

Photos and information.

Goetz Medals: The medals of Karl Goetz.

Maria Theresa Coinage: The history of this very important coinage from originals to



US Pattern Coinage:A very complete listing with photos

Philippine Guerilla Money:

Zeno Oriental Coins Data Base: An amazing work in progress with thousands of coins

And paper from the East. The search engine is wonderful and you can upload

And ask for help in identifying.Home base is Russia and it is a work of love.

CoinFacts: A wonderful US coinage resource sponsored by David Hall of PCGS

Heritage Auction Galeries: Superb data abase

Shield Nickels: Our own Howard Spindel's site, exhaustive and full of photos and