Article Title
First Published
Early Money of Canada Jim Trethewey May 1993
Dr. Granularus Presents: "Choice-Granular" Steve Zieba July 1993
The Coin Dealer: A Movie Review Parody Steve Zieba November 1993
A Tale of Two Dealers Steve Zieba March 1994
The Amazing Coins of Syracuse May 1994
The Times and Coinage of Diocletian: 284 - 305 A.D.

June 1994

Unloved Mysteries Episode 1: We Take Consignments Steve Zieba September 1995
Unloved Mysteries Episode 2: Up the Auction Steve Zieba November 1995
A Method for Printing an Auction Catalog Jim Trethewey December 1995
Vermont Vacationing Rob Retz January 1997
The Tobacconist Steve Zieba March 1997
The 1883/2 Shield Nickel June 2001
Tale of Two Collectors September 2001
Adventures in Paradise May 2002
Found at the Vancouver Coin Show June 2002
2002 ANA Convention Report August 2002
2003 ANA Charlotte Convention Report April 2003
Arab Byzantine Coinage - A Slide Show September 2003
ANA Numismatist: The 1883/2 Shield Nickel September 2003
ANA Numismatist: Shield Nickel Variety Paradise October 2004
Digital Coin Photography March 2005
The 2005 PNNA Convention Souvenir Commemorative Greg Franck-Weiby May 2005
ANA Numismatist: Invest in CDs! February 2006
ANA Numismatist: 1867 Proof Nickels November 2006
Greek Alphabet and Coins June 2007
Numismatic WWW Links of Interest September 2007
The Capped Bust Half Dollar May 2010



Making Money Part 1: The Assay Office, New York
(Harper's New Monthly Magazine, Vol. 23 Issue 138)¹
A. Waldo November 1861

Making Money Part 2: The Mint at Philadelphia
(Harper's New Monthly Magazine, Vol. 24 Issue 139)¹

A. Waldo December 1861
The History of Coin Presses (from E-Sylum) Dick Johnson October 2004
Foreign Coins Struck at U.S. Mints Tim Ziebarth March 2006

¹ Articles obtained from Cornell University's The Making of America project.



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