Convention Report - The ANA 2003 Convention in Charlotte

The 2003 Charlotte National Money Show reminded me in so many ways of our 1998 Portland ANA Convention; working with good friends to make sure the show was a success.

I was again involved as a National Volunteer, but more importantly as the General Chairman of the 2004 Portland National Money show. As you may know we had our own information table at the show. POVA (Portland Oregon Visitors Association) provided me with a wonderful backdrop advertising Portland complete with brochures on Portland and ANA information regarding the convention. We jointly shared this booth with the folks from Baltimore where the Convention will be held this August. A lot of folks dropped by to ask about Portland and just to say "Hi". Believe it or not, one of our club "mystery" members Terry Harris was at the convention. He was surprised to see our new club banner (thanks Phil) and walked up to say hello and said he would try to make the meetings more often.

While the Show officially opened to the public on Friday, my "show " began on Tuesday when the semi arrived from Colorado Springs at 8:00am. Once again I worked with Brian Miller the ANA Convention floor manager, and Louis Villapando another National Volunteer from Biloxi, Mississippi, both are hard workers and fun to work with.

The task began of unloading all the supplies for the show from showcases to the show back office. Believe me, the truck was packed from front to back including some 1400 show cases, lamps, cords extra keys for the cases, computers, and everything else needed to put the show on. Each item had to be distributed to the right area.

The ANA inventory had to go upstairs at the convention entry points for dealer and public registration and the show floor for the ANA booth for the store, and YN activities. Boxes of lamps, clamps and cables had to be unpacked and distributed to the dealer tables. Show cases had to be unpacked and palletized then distributed correctly based on the number requested. This could be from one or two per table to as many as fourteen on a double corner table. We started on aisle 100 and worked our way down to aisle 1200. Believe it or not, we were done distributing and setting up by Wednesday in the early afternoon. This is good, in that we could cruise a bit till the show opened to the dealers on Thursday.

Thursday was another adventure; Thursday we learned how badly we screwed up the dealer requests and how quick we were at dancing. No matter how many times you double check, there is always some fences to mend and feelings to soothe. Bear in mind, the show is the most important thing, getting the dealers what they need to greet the public so all can have a great numismatic experience.

Once the show opened, I got to put on the General Chairman hat for our show. Armed with five rolls of Greg Frank-Weiby's best tokens I again started at aisle 100 and stopped, talked and handed the tokens out to each dealer making sure they were going to come to Portland for our show. So many said they couldn't wait to come back, and so many were looking to come for the first time. I can't tell you how good it is to see old friends and meet new ones. Several northwest dealers were there, all bright and shiny and happy to sell there wares and acquire new treasures from other dealers or the public.

The northwest really has a strong presence in the ANA. Scott & Lisa Loos, Joe Boling, Larry and Kathy Rowe make real contributions to the association. Volunteers are truly what make everything possible. So too with our club, volunteers make our local show possible and will make the 2004 Portland show a success, everyone counts.

Charlotte is a beautiful and hospitable town. The downtown area is loaded with a gleaming skyline. Truly, the buildings are gorgeous. What makes Portland stand out to me is that after five pm Charlotte empties out; no one lives downtown so it looks deserted. Charlotte has excellent restaurants that serve everything from fresh seafood to pub grub. Portland on the other hand has people who live and work in the city - this provides a flavor and atmosphere that is hard to beat.

Believe it or not, I did have some time to look at and purchase a few treasures. All too soon it was time to pack up. Sunday at two pm the convention was over and everything we did in set up we did in reverse order for tear down. The good news is that the two Charlotte host clubs supplied a lot of manpower, which made our lives much easier.

Monday morning the truck was packed and gone and so was I. I left for the airport at eleven am for a three o'clock flight to Portland via Dallas-Ft. Worth. I do want to mention that I believe the opening of the war had an effect on the folks there and possibly on those that didn't come. Those that did come did so to buy and have fun, the Charlotte committee did a fantastic job. I believe there would have been more if the President hadn't picked that week to start the shooting in Iraq.

So that's it from my end. The folks that our club presented special silver trial specimens of our convention token were: Chris Cipoletti, the new ANA Executive Director, ANA President John Wilson, outgoing ANA Executive Director Ed Rochette, Director of the US Mint Henrietta Fore, Brenda Bishop, Rachel Irish, and Clifford Mishler of Krause Publications.

Brenda Bishop will be visiting us April 17-19th. She will attend our regular club meeting on the 17th, so please make sure we are all there to greet her as our club our entire club will be needed at the convention. It's our turn next year, so let's shine.


Please click here to see several pictures from the 2003 ANA Convention in Charlotte.

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