Convention Report - The ANA 2002 Convention in New York City

The 2002 ANA Convention in beautiful New York City is over. I must admit it was both fun and a lot of work. As some of you may know I have been a National Volunteer for the ANA for the past few years (since the Philadelphia Convention). This time it was a real departure from my normal chores as I was involved in the grunt work of the convention set up and tear down. Everyone agreed that if you can survive the New York site, the Marriott Marquis, everything else is downhill. Ordinarily I would consider downhill as a pejorative, in this case I'm most happy that Portland in March 2004 is going to be downhill.

What made this convention site so challenging was the setting. Unlike other venues, which are usually one level, the ANA occupied three levels, the 5th, 6th, and 7th floors of the hotel. This meant that the contents of two 80 ft. semi's had to be moved up one freight elevator to the aforementioned three floors. The second element was the fact that all freight had to be unloaded by the Teamsters and a company called GES that handled all of the set up of tables etc., as well as the unloading and placement of all cases and such. We were really at their mercy, as we could not start placing cables, lamps and clamps till they were done. A real nightmare considering we were unloading on Sunday and PNG day was on Monday. The Teamsters and GES did a wonderful job, suffice it to say it got done.

I had the pleasure of working with Brian Miller who is the facilities manager for the ANA in Colorado Springs and was the floor manager for the convention. I also had the pleasure of working with Louis Villalpando, a numismatist, dealer and all around bon vivant from Biloxi, Mississippi. Brian, Louis and I earned our free pop.

After PNG day, we then had to break those dealers to their respective floors, either five or six depending on their specialty (US or Foreign/Ancient) and then set up the rest of the convention to be open on Wednesday at noon. Considering PNG Day ended on Tuesday at 4:00pm it was rather busy to say the least. Needless to say we made it.

I was finally free to wander about on Thursday. Believe it or not my first numismatic purchase on Thursday was five elongateds… call me crazy, but they were fun. There really was so much to do and see as well as say hello to old friends and meet new ones. Someone once said that numismatists not only collect coins but also friends, that is so true.

I attended as many meetings as I could including EAC, C4, Conder Token Collectors Club and of course the ADBC (Association of Dedicated Byzantine Collectors). Both the ADBC and CTCC were followed by food. For the ADBC it was food at a marvelous Greek restaurant, and CTCC the traditional beer and pizza feed - New York pizza of course. Art Fitts did a wonderful talk for the Numismatic Theatre on the coinage of Harold and William the Conqueror and their descendents up to Henry III.

The Willamette Coin Club has the honor of having two of its members being receiving prestigious awards from the ANA. Cathy Rowe was awarded the Glenn Smedley Memorial Award, and Larry Rowe was awarded the ANA Medal of Merit. Also, one of our newest members, Eric Holcomb (the ANA Regional Rep for the Pacific North West and PNNA Director, Editor and web master) was appointed the web master of the ANA's Rep Program site. You would all have been proud of Scott & Lisa Loos newly appointed as National Coordinators of the ANA Club Representative program. They did a wonderful job at the morning breakfast and club rep meeting, it is so good to see so many folks from the Northwest involved in the ANA; Scott & Lisa Loos, Larry & Cathy Rowe, Eric Holcomb, Joe Bolling, dealers Tom Cederlind, Mike Bezayiff, and Marc Bettinger - if I missed anyone please forgive me, the mind is a terrible thing to lose. (Editor's note: And after all that New York food, a waist is a terrible thing to mind.)

The convention ended both too soon and not soon enough. Too soon because there was just not time to see everyone and everything, not soon enough because by the time Sunday break down rolled around all were tired. One thing I failed to mention, all the time we were setting up and breaking down the temperature in NYC was between 95 and 98 degrees. We were all well done by the time we broke the show.

The break down was the reverse of set up except compressed into ten hours. The floor had to be cleared, emptied and loaded into the trucks by midnight. Remember, we had Sunday, Monday and Tuesday to set up; again, it worked. I'll spare the details of my return to Portland as that is another story, but I arrived a day late thanks to thunderstorms over the Ohio River Valley.

One more item that was officially confirmed; the ANA Board officially approved my appointment as General Chairman, and Larry Rowe as Asst. General Chairman of the 2004 Money Show. So now the tough work comes: it's our turn to prepare again for the Money Show. We have the finest bunch of numismatists in the country in our club and it will be a lot of fun to have the ANA in our house again, and we will need all of you to help make our show another stunning success. Rachel Irish will be at our meeting in October to discuss convention plans.

Members of the ADBC shown at the table (see pictures) include but not limited to:

Bob Hoge
Chris Connell
Prue Fitts
Frank Cochran
Emmett McDonald

ADBC Members not in attendance at lunch:

Mike Bezayiff
Tom Klunzinger
Carl Rekow
Jacqui and Ray Flanigan
Harlan J. Berk
David Mitten
Elizabeth Gittings
Chris Choelzle
Larry Selkulich
David Vagi
Fred Liggett
Robert Kutcher

We have grown, it is really exciting to see new members come aboard. Amazingly we drew walk-ins at our meeting at noon on Thursday who were very interested in the ADBC.

Please click here to see several pictures from the 2002 ANA Convention.

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