The Willamette Coin Club has commissioned a special token to commemorate its hosting of the ANA 2004 National Money show to be held in Portland, Oregon, March 26-28, 2004.

The die preparation and striking of the tokens are the work of Greg Franck-Weiby ( The work is all done by hand using tools available in ancient times.

Greg is also known as "Ian Cnulle, the moneyer of Silberbyrg".

The example token below is struck in copper. The Willamette Coin Club is also striking the token in pewter, silver, and gold. The token is about the size of a modern U.S. cent.

The rose design was adapted from the gold "thistle crown" four shilling coin type of King James I, second coinage (1604-'19), Seaby #2627. The letter punches are based on Elizabethan coins.

ANA 2004 Token in Copper


The above token shows the new ANA logo. Previously, the Willamette Coin Club had had tokens designed using the old ANA logo. For historical reference, those tokens appear below. These examples are struck in pewter.


2004 ANA Token Obverse


2004 ANA Token Reverse


2004 ANA Token Reverse No WCC

A very rare reverse strike missing the "WCC". Will be worth a lot of money someday!

Truthfully, we forgot to put our club's initials on the die and struck a few before we noticed. :-)

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