The following links point to web sites of numismatic interest. Only non-commercial sites are accepted for listing on this page. Please contact the if you have suggestions for additional listings.

Major Numismatic Organizations

The American Numismatic Association (ANA)
The American Numismatic Society (ANS)

Northwest Coin Clubs

The Pacific Northwest Numismatic Association (PNNA)
Oregon MidValley Coin Clubs

Virtual Collections

Coins and Currency in Colonial America (Colonial Williamsburg Foundation)
The Coin and Currency Collection at the University of Notre Dame
Virtual Exhibitions from the Smithsonian Institute's National Museum of American History

Online References

Dirty Old Coins Byzantine Coin Database
Dirty Old Coins Roman Imperial Coin Database

Greek Numismatics
Handbook of Biblical Numismatics : An Online Book (Printable!) Reference Book
Islamic Coinage : The Barrage Collection
Karl Goetz : The Artwork of Karl X. Goetz
Maria Theresia Talers
Medieval Coins : The Barrage Collection
Parthian coinage
Polymathematica : Info on cleaning metals, particularly ancient coins (click "Cleaning Metals" button)
Roman Egypt Coins
Roman Numismatic Gallery : designs, portraits, mints
ShieldNickels.Net : the number one destination for all U.S. shield nickel information
Spanish Colonial Columbian Cobs : Reference site for these cobs, called macuquinas in Spanish
USPatterns.Com : Reference site for all U.S. pattern coins
WildWinds : Attribution and Valuation for Ancient Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Coins

Museums and Archaeology

Agora excavations in Athens
Dumbarton Oaks and Dumbarton Oaks Byzantine Collection
Roman Legionary Museum in Wales
Oriental Institute-University of Chicago : Maps, cultures and other very good information
Roman Britain : Good general information on Roman culture and life in Great Britain


Ancient Coin Collectors Guild : promotes free & independent collecting of ancient coins
Collection of Numismatic Links : WWW bookmarks from one of our members


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