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Jim Mabry
January 9, 1952 - April 24, 2011

William D. Mabry
January 9, 1952 - May 4, 2011  

Jim and his twin brother, Bill, were born in Boise, Idaho. We lost them both, separately, in early 2011.

Jim collected tokens with a special interest in Merchant Scrip. Jim was a friend to everyone. Jim collected tokens and loved to share with others. A joint memorial service for Bill and Jim was held Monday, May 23, 2011, at Beaverton Christian Church.

Bill was not a collector, but was a friend to many of us in the club and to his brother Jim.

Club members remember Jim and Bill:

Jim consistently took the time to greet and talk with everyone, an admirable quality. He was always approachable and helpful. I will miss his welcome and helping presence at our meetings and shows.


I can’t remember the first time I met Jim, it was a long time ago. I do remember that I thought he was a bit different. Boy howdy, how extraordinarily different he was. Jim was one of the most genuine human beings that I have come to know. I am honored and lucky to have been his friend.

As a numismatist he was without equal. Jim shared all of his knowledge unselfishly and was a true numismatic ambassador, I will miss him every time I see a token or someone asks "Do you have any tokens?" On may an occasion I was the beneficiary of his largesse; I own tokens because of his kindness and thought fullness.

He took special interest in finding me tokens associated with early aviation and once gave my wife a token from Ireland that had musical instruments on it as she collects numismatic items associated with musical themes. By the way, that token was also a pub token from Dublin.

He was one of a kind and our entire community will and already misses him greatly. The world is a better place because of Jim and his brother Bill.


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